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An Authentic Human’s Guide to Finding Meaningful Work is here to help you find your own path forward. The book includes:
  • 7 Case Studies
  • “You Work It” exercises to help you see your choices
  • Gender neutral language and stories
  • Encouragement & support for your journey

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The Chapters


Good Intentions, Bad Advice

So much advice, most of it annoying at best, infuriating at worst. Let’s separate what’s useful to you and what (as politely as possible) to ignore.


My Path to Finding Meaningful Work

My story, what I did, how I stumbled along and tried different things. The chances I took, the people who helped me and how I decided that I didn’t want to work for someone else.


Should I Go Back to School?

It used to be that school was a ‘safe bet’ for a career path. But the cost, value, and utility of going to or returning to higher ed is no longer safe. Today, there are more choices than ever.


Finding a Mentor

What is a mentor? How does mentorship work? How can you find one? What kinds of mentors are there? How do you know you have found someone you can trust?


The Pull of Entrepreneurship

Should you try entrepreneurship? Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Should you work for a start up? The good, the bad and the ugly of independent work. 


Boss Shopping

At some point in my career, I decided to find a person to work for rather than a job to do. I looked for a boss I respected and could learn from. It worked well for me, and it might work for you too!

What You Will Learn


1. How to find out about company culture BEFORE you take the job.
2. How to stop judging your career path and embrace the uncertainty.
3. How some people, just like you, have managed their journey so far.
4. Why knowing your values is important to finding meaningful work.
5. Why it’s important to build a support network for this journey.
6. How mentors can change your life.

About the Author

Deborah Mourey

I’ve been a file clerk, a consultant, a waitress, a teacher, a nanny, a librarian and much more. I’ve worked in corporations, non-profits, for the government, and had my own business… lots of different jobs.

Some jobs held no meaning for me, others really fed my spirit—but none more so than my current journey, supporting seekers; people who want something more from their work, something better. Each of my jobs taught me something, even if it was just… don’t do that again!

I live and work happily from the Pacific Northwest with my terrier, the trees and the mountains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Did You Get the Ideas for the “You Work It” Sections?

Most of the ideas were things that I had tried. From writing down my values and what I wanted to learn, to researching fun job titles (whether they had anything to do my skills or not), having ideas about what to try… gave me something to do and therefore, hope! The hardest place to be is stuck without an idea about what to even try.

What is the Goal for the Book?

I hope is that the book generates a discussion among younger people about what it takes to find meaningful work. My experience is that there isn’t enough support for that journey. The way to improve that is to create a tool kit and embrace the idea that we can each find meaningful work if we chose. It’s not easy, but it can be done.

Why Did You Write This Book?

In my work with my daughter Jenna (Marbles) and in my teaching & work w/ mentees, I talked with many younger people about their work journeys. Over and over, I heard frustration, disappointment & confusion. I wanted to share my experience and the experiences of some of my millennial and Gen Z friends, to offer relief, optimism, fortitude, clarity, and hopefully, even a little joy.

How Did You Pick the People Behind the Case Studies?

Most of them are my friends, only one person is someone that I don’t know that well. Each of their stories inspired me so much. I hope they would inspire you, too.

Why is a Good Place to Buy Books? is an online bookstore with a mission to help support local, independent bookstores. I treasure my local bookstore.  It provides me a window into diverse ideas, thoughts and authors. If you want to support them, buy through

How Is Jenna Doing These Days?

I do not intend to talk about Jenna’s life – that is her business – but I will say that she is doing well. I know many people care about her and I also know that you respect her privacy. As her mother, I appreciate that very much.